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GBVC Bylaws

University of Utah's Gender-Based Violence Consortium (GBVC) brings together an interdisciplinary team of scholars representing multiple colleges across campus at the University of Utah. The GBVC is an interprofessional collaboration through a campus scholarly network that embodies an academic commitment to sharing knowledge, supporting long-term collaborations through research hubs, creating programming, awareness-raising, and sharing teaching, regarding gender-based violence (GBV) in Utah.

The University of Utah’s GBVC vision is to increase public recognition of GBV, deepen public knowledge of GBV through research innovation and collaboration, create research communities, and facilitate teaching innovation regarding GBV.


  1. Gender-Based Violence Consortium Executive Committee

1.1. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the founding faculty members of the GBVC, two graduate students, two university of Utah staff, and two individuals of the Utah community who are not faculty, staff or student. The Executive Committee may also extend membership (either voting or non-voting) to individuals whose inclusion they deem will further the goals of the GBVC.

1.2. The Executive Committee will meet bi-monthly. An agenda will be available in advance of each meeting. Discussion/vote and discussion-only items will be clearly identified so that members can prepare in advance of the meeting.

1.3. A quorum is required for an Executive Committee meeting in which voting decisions are made. A quorum is 5 members of the Executive Committee. Only a simple majority of the whole is required to pass a motion. Executive Committee Members may motion for a vote by email.

1.4. The term shall be for 5 years, with the possibility of multiple renewals.

1.5. Members of the Executive Committee can bring to a discussion and vote all issues that significantly impact the finances, operation, and development of the GBVC.

1.6. The Executive Committee is responsible for making decisions as to who will be the designated Principal Investigator tasked with oversite of grant management applications and administration.

  1. Gender-Based Violence Consortium Affiliated Faculty Eligibility Requirements

2.1. To be eligible as a GBVC-affiliated faculty member, an individual must be a faculty member at the University of Utah. All tenured, tenure-track, career-line, and adjunct faculty are eligible for GBVC membership.

2.2. To become a GBVC-affiliated faculty, one must submit a current curriculum vitae and a brief statement explaining how one’s academic research relates to the GBVC’s mission concerning gender-based violence. All applications will be reviewed by at least 3 members of the GBVC Executive Committee, and membership will be extended based on a confidential vote by a majority of that group.

2.3. GBVC affiliate faculty affiliates will be active in furthering the mission of the GCSC as follows:

  • Provide the Executive Committee with annual updates regarding research, publications, and grants
  • Participate, and encourage and support your students and postdocs to participate, in the GBVC events and co-hosted events
  • Engage with other GBVC faculty in appropriate multi-PI interdisciplinary research initiatives
  • Serve on GBVC committees (e.g., grant/research, teaching, awareness-raising events)

2.4. In order to maintain an active and engaged community, the GBVC Executive Committee will review all faculty affiliates every 5 years. Affiliate faculty will be asked to demonstrate the following:

  • Continued relevance of work to the mission of the GBVC
  • Continued engagement with and contribution to the Center.

2.5. Affiliate faculty members join without any actual or implied commitment of funding support from the GBVC itself; and in the absence of contractual, funded, research relationships, are free to leave the GBVC at any time.

  1. Gender-Based Violence Consortium Affiliated Faculty Benefits

3.1. There are many benefits to becoming a member of the GBVC, although no guarantee of benefits. Because faculty members are part of a larger multi- and interdisciplinary research community with a broad focus on issues related to gender-based violence, opportunities for multi-disciplinary research are increased and an individual faculty member’s visibility is increased for attracting undergraduate and graduate students.

3.2. The GBVC’s goal is to make visible the activities of scholars and educators working on GBVC-related issues.

  1. Gender-Based Violence Consortium Standing Committees

4.1. Grants & Research. A committee of at least three faculty, representing a diversity of GBVC interests, shall meet and organize quarterly gatherings.

4.2. Teaching Committee. A committee of at least three faculty, representing a diversity of GCSC interests, is responsible for GBVC priorities regarding teaching GBVC-related issues at the University of Utah.

4.3. Awareness events committees. A committee of at least three faculty, representing a diversity of GCSC interests, is responsible for organizing events that raise awareness regarding GBV issues.

4.4. The GBVC will create sub-committees that reflect the research and teaching priorities of the GBVC. The committees will self-define membership and the scope of data collection, as well as apply for resources.

4.5. To join a committee, executive committee members and any University of Utah affiliated faculty may notify the designated project lead of their interest.

  1. Gender-Based Violence Consortium Community Partners

5.1. Community partners are organizations that provide services and resources addressing GBV issues.

5.2. Community partners may not may decisions on behalf of the GBVC without written agreement from the GBVC Executive Committee.

5.3 A benefit to being recognized as a GBVC community partner, although this is not guaranteed, is visibility of the organization’s services through the GBVC list-service and website.

  1. Gender-Based Violence Consortium Community Members

6.1. Any person may join the GBVC as a “community member.” They may do so by signing up for the

6.2. Community members may not make decisions on behalf of the GBVC without written agreement from the GBVC executive committee.

6.3. The benefits of being a GBVC community member is regular updates about GBVC activities via the list-service.


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