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Firearms on Campus

The safety of the campus community is a top priority for the University of Utah. It is important that all faculty, staff and students are familiar with Utah law regarding firearms on campus, and with the university’s policy and protocols for addressing concerns. The University Policy related to firearms is Policy 1-003: Firearms on Campus.

  • Utah law permits a concealed weapon permit (CWP) holder to carry a concealed handgun on campus.
  • Although Utah has recently limited CWP requirements in many circumstances, a CWP is still required to carry a concealed weapon on campus.
  • Utah law otherwise prohibits firearms on campus—including rifles, shotguns, etc., with very few exceptions (e.g., law enforcement).



Can residents of University Residence Halls store firearms in their rooms?
  • Firearms are only allowed on campus with a CWP, and the same rule applies to residence halls.
  • If you become aware your roommate is a CWP holder and you do not want to live with a concealed weapon permit holder, please contact the Housing and Residential Education (HRE) office, and they will facilitate a room change. HRE does not keep records of concealed weapon permit holders.
What do I do if I see a firearm on campus?
  • If you see it, that means it is not concealed – and should be reported to the police.
  • If the firearm is a handgun and the person is not acting in a threatening manner, call University Police: 801-585-2677. Do not engage the person with the firearm.
  • If the firearm is anything other than a handgun or if a person with a handgun is acting in a threatening manner, call 911.
What do I do if I hear or learn about a firearm on campus, but no firearm is observed?
  • If the information you receive indicates the person is acting in a threatening manner, call 911 or University Police: 801-585-2677.
  • If the person is not threatening, but you are unsure if the person has a CWP, call University Police: 801-585-2677.
How do police handle reports of firearms on campus?
  • Police will engage the person, assess the situation, and educate the person about the law.
  • Police will address any violations of the law.


A mandatory online training discussing firearms on campus is distributed to faculty and staff every two years (and upon hire); and while not required for students, the training is available to students here.


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