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Interpersonal Violence Prevention & Education Collective

The Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Education Collective at the University of Utah is a group of campus community members dedicated to the prevention of interpersonal violence among college students. The collective brings together students, staff and faculty who are passionate about the prevention of violence through education and conversation.

Members of the collective examine issues of interpersonal violence through a power-conscious, intersectional lens. Specifically, we explore how violence disproportionally affects people in minoritized groups, including but not limited to: people of color, people with disabilities and queer and trans people. The collective is striving to engage in primary prevention to stop violence before it occurs. We welcome those who are passionate about preventing interpersonal violence, no matter their expertise. The more voices at the table, the more innovative, imaginative, and impactful the ideas will become.

Chris Linder and Brittany Badger co-coordinate the Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Education Collective. Chris is an assistant professor in Educational Leadership and Policy and special assistant to the president for violence prevention and education. Brittany is the director of the Center for Student Wellness. We imagine this collective as an important step in continuing conversations in all areas of campus to prevent interpersonal violence.

The collective has formed three working groups listed here:

Healthy Masculinity Group

This group aims to examine the role of unhealthy masculinities in perpetuating interpersonal violence. Members of the group will explore potential conversation points and education based initiatives in working to break down toxic masculinity and reconstructing it in a healthy manner.

Student Affinity Group

The student affinity group focuses its outreach on students involved in all areas of campus. Members of this group seek to tailor education to specific communities of students, including student athletes, fraternity and sorority members, religious organizations and cultural groups. The group seeks student leaders who are passionate about addressing interpersonal violence to bring culturally-relevant education to their networks.

Curricular Initiatives

This group will work to integrate education on preventing interpersonal violence into existing curriculum. Members of this group will provide strategies to support faculty in integrating information on interpersonal violence into their classes and examine possibilities for incorporating education on interpersonal violence into a variety of curricula.

For more information or to join the collective, please contact Chris Linder,

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