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Campus Safety Recommendation 17


UUPS should conduct a review of the on-call detective compensation, duties and expectations. UUPS should implement policies and procedures to ensure that detectives brief each other on their cases so that an on-call detective who is not the primary investigator is at least somewhat familiar with a situation if contacted. This briefing should include the detectives and sergeants. UUPS should adopt and implement policies to ensure that sensitive email and voicemail communications are handled in a timely manner. UUPS should direct that detective sergeants take a more active role in case assignment, management and follow-up.

Action Items
Jan 3, 2019

Implement procedures to ensure emails and voicemails are handled in a timely manner regardless of whether an officer or detective is off-duty.

Jan 14, 2019

Adopt procedural changes that facilitate coordinated communication among employees, particularly detectives, to allow information sharing.

Jan 2019

Conduct a review of compensation of all officers with UUPS to ensure the University is competitive with other law enforcement agencies in Utah.


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